Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-thon: Hour 11

I finished Death's Daughter an hour ago before taking time off for lunch (reading fuel: banana-PB-chocolate-hemp smoothie) and chatting about this evening's dinner and movie plans.

I'm now reading Promised Land: Thirteen Books That Changed America. I read a really good review for it many months ago (I forget where now) and had been far back in the library queue until a dear friend gifted the book to me. I only read a half chapter earlier in the week because I needed to (try to) finish my book group's selection by discussion night yesterday. Now I've finished the first (of thirteen) chapters, on Of Plymouth Plantation, which claims that much of what we know of the Pilgrims came from Bradford's text, which had been quoted from but the full text had been long lost before being rediscovered in an old book shop in Victorian England.

I have two more hours of reading before going out for the evening.

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