Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-thon: Hour 9

I didn't know if I'd switch books hourly, but I don't want to start anything else until I finish Death's Daughter. I'm only 80 pages from finishing now, so I might be able to finish before DH and DD return from the park. After that, I'm breaking for lunch before starting something new.

I haven't kept a tally of how many minutes/hours I've read, but it looks like I've read maybe 350 pages today between DD and the end of To Say Nothing of the Dog - probably the most I've read in a single day in 2009 so far.

Drood is still planned for today, but it's so long I won't finish. I may switch between Drood and All Other Nights (an in-progress Dara Horn ARC I need to review).

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